Susan in the Middle of History

February 3, 2015 § 1 Comment

Unfortunately I have neglected this blog recently. However, two recent reports in the media have sparked my interest in again sharing some information about Susan. The first was the news story this past January that the new governor of Illinois borrowed Susan’s family Bible for his swearing-in ceremony. That Bible has family records that Susan compiled which include some fascinating figures in her family tree. I will feature one of those relatives in a future blog post.

The second media report is a PBS program entitled “The Big Burn” which is airing for the first time on February 3. The program details the 1910 fire in the northern Rockies that destroyed 3 million acres and leveled several towns. The horrible devastation drastically changed American Forest Service policy, and Susan was in the midst of it in Wallace, Idaho. I chronicled her involvement and quoted a description of her experience in her own words in two earlier posts. I invite you to read or re-read “Susan and the Big Blow” and “Fire in Susan’s own Words.” The posts add a personal dimension to the big story that the PBS program relates.

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