I Digress to Frank Lloyd Wright

August 2, 2012 § Leave a comment

When I started to write Susan Lawrence: The Enigma in the Wright House, I made a conscious decision to maintain my focus on Susan and to only discuss Frank Lloyd Wright as he related to her and the house. I have tried to keep that focus while writing this blog. I believed that while no one had written a book about Susan, Frank Lloyd Wright and his life has been thoroughly revealed and dissected in multiple volumes.

It turns out that I was wrong. One very important influence on Frank Lloyd Wright’s work has been neglected—his father and music teacher,William Carey Wright. My image of the man has been that of a near-do-well itinerant preacher. Evidently William Carey Wright was also a lawyer, a country doctor, a musician, and a composer. He wrote and published many songs, piano pieces, and organ works.

Music historian David Patterson has been filling that gap through a project entitled, Frank Lloyd Wright’s Musical Origins: The Music of William Carey Wright.” He has been collecting the music composed by William Cary Wright and lecturing on his discoveries. Now Patterson has embarked on a new phase of the project. He hopes to produce a CD with professional musicians playing the works of the senior Wright and liner notes revealing the influence of the musician father on the work of his famous son.

As a former music teacher, I find this Wright connection intriguing. Patterson is seeking donations to complete his project, and I have pledged my support. If you would like to assist in building this new chapter in the Frank Lloyd Wright narrative, follow this link. I’ll return to Susan next week.

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