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Susan Lawrence Dana loved her Frank Lloyd Wright designed Lawrence House. In a letter dated December 4, 1936, she wrote to Wright, “I have seen no house you have made that compares with it to my mind.” I couldn’t agree with her more. My admiration for this treasure spurs me on to continue volunteering at what we now call the Dana-Thomas House, a historic site owned by the state of Illinois and visited by thousands yearly. This is the thread that binds me to Susan. Despite the fact that she and I appreciate the house under very different circumstances and are separated by more than a century of time, we share the desire to preserve, protect, and showcase the house. In that same letter Susan spoke for both of us when she wrote to Wright, “I would want it to look at its best and do each of us full justice.”

I am not alone in this commitment. There is an army of past and present supporters–volunteers, staff, and visitors– who consider the Dana-Thomas House a major legacy. I wrote Susan Lawrence: The Enigma in the Wright House, Susan’s biography, to enrich that heritage. However, I could not include everything I found in my research in the book. Furthermore, new information has emerged as the result of the publication of the book. It is my intent to use this blog to continue to share Susan’s life in the Lawrence House and to convey some observations and stories about the current activities in the Dana-Thomas House.

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